Looking to purchase Alminum Bottled Water for your Office, Restaurant, Event or just socking up. For more quantity or bulk pricing feel free to contact our Sales Team.


This bulk purchase is also great for emergency water storage.  The water bottled in these cans is safe for up to 50 years when stored correctly. 


Reign Water is the healthy, conventient, Panet-Friendly alternative to bottled water.  Our artesian spring water has been filtering underground for thousands of years before we bottle it at the source in fast cooling, reclosable, recyclable aluminum cans.

Naturally Alkaline, 7.8pH

Full Pallet (1,512 Bottles, 63 cases) Reign Water

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  • Please note, these cans are printed with a Best Before date of 1 year from filling.  This is for inventory tracking purposes only.  Water bottled in aluminum is safe for consumption for up to 50 years!