The original plastic-free canned water

Better for you, better for the planet

Plastic free natural spring water.  The most sustainable thing to happen to bottled water, is aluminum.

Single sourced pure mountain spring water, bottled in aluminum for plastic free oceans and bodies.

Founded in 2018, Reign Water Company is on a mission to end our dependance on single use plastics.  While convenient bottled water is one of the largest contributors to our plastic waste problem, we aim to change that. 



Reign Water Company bottles in aluminum.  That means its infinitely recyclable, and recycled most often about 70% more than its plastic equivalent.

Plastic Free

Water carved the Grand Canyon.  It also broke down the plastic in your bottle into micro particles.  You're drinking those and the fish are eating them.

Spring water

Reign Water Company uses only pure single sourced Montana spring water.  It comes from a Federally protected, sustainable 2 mile deep spring. #nature

cold water. Fast

Aluminum is about 1300X more thermally conductive than plastic.  Yep, you read that right.  That means your water gets cold, much much much faster. 




Reign Water Company

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