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why aluminum

Aluminum Cans are the single most sustainable packaging option.  Recycled most often, infinitely recyclable, and they gets colder faster! Oh, and it stays out of your body.

Single-use plastics
Recycled 30% of the time

Single use plastics, like those in bottled water, are only recycled 30% of the time, and made from only 3% recycled material. 

Downcycled Only

Recycled plastic must be mixed with new plastic to make bottles.  That means more oil and a dirty Earth.

Cools in 2 hours

Heres some science: plastic is less thermally conductive than aluminum. That means it takes foreverrrrr to get cold. 


93% of bottled water contains microparticles. Read that as "you're drinking plastic." 

Recycled 67% of the time

Aluminum has inherent value. that means it gets recycled... Over twice as often. 


Aluminum maintains its integrity when melted... Bottle after bottle after bottle. 

Cools in 20 minutes

Cold water, fast. 

NO Microparticles

...because its not made of plastic.  

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